Pics from phone to PC? An easy way?

I am unable to get clear instructions on the transfer of pictures from phone to PC,  Also am unable to remove backup assistant, an app that was preloaded.

I feel I have been fooled into buying this 2012 version of the bag phone. Verizon help keeps sending me to users for answers! Doh! Verizon cosmo 2 to toshiba satellite c 655

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Re: Pics from phone to PC? An easy way?
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Use a micro SD card

Re: Pics from phone to PC? An easy way?
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Hi Madashell2

I would be happy to assist you today! I don't want you to be frustrated with your device. Let's get this figured out together. The Back up assistant application can't be removed from the device.

To transfer pictures from your device to your computer Please follow these instructions:
USB Mass Storage
This menu allows you to transfer
content from your phone to your
Windows® XP, Windows® 7 or
Windows Vista® PC (or vice versa)
when your phone is connected to
your PC with a compatible USB
cable. Mac OSTM and Linux OS
operating systems are not
supported. You can only access this
menu when a microSD™ card is
inserted in your phone.
1. From standby mode, press
2. Press Settings & Tools.
3. Press Tools.
4. Press USB Mass Storage.

This will allow your computer to see your device as an external drive. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Thank you
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