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Samsung Brightside - How to fix 'Text Reminder' ?


I hope someone can help me with this as I still have a year and a half to go before I can update my phone.

When I purchased my phone I never had a need to have Text Message Alert Reminders as I always had my phone with me, even at night on my nightstand while I slept.
Of course, it wasn't until after my warranty was expired that I decided I needed my Text Alert Reminder set.
So I set it for 15 minutes. I missed so many calls over the course of a week.
I decided to set it for Two minutes......again, missed many calls.
I called Verizon Tech Support and they told me to remove the battery, blah blah blah.

I did everything Verizon techs  asked of me through five phone calls over a six day period, still no Text Reminder Tone to let me know I received/missed a text message.

I contacted Verizon again yesterday for the last time. The tech did something on their end and said "There, it should be fixed now".
I have looked high and low online to try to find a solution but wasn't aware of this Verizon Discussion group, so here I am now.
Anyone have any solutions?
Thank you so much for your time.

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Re: Samsung Brightside - How to fix 'Text Reminder' ?
Customer Support


What an odd situation. Good news here is there's nothing we can't tackle. Now, I don't want to step on anyone's toes and repeat troubleshooting steps so may I ask what kind of troubleshooting you've done thus far outside of removing the battery? And just to verify, you're missing calls as well as texts, correct? If so, do any notifications show up on your phone? Please share details and we'll be sure to take care of you.


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Samsung Brightside - How to fix 'Text Reminder' ?

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you......I misplaced where I put this Verizon discussion/help group. But no worries now as I have it right on top of my Favorites list.  Smiley Happy

I want to clarify what I told you in my earlier post as I am so technically challenged that I feel I might not have explained myself correctly.

If I leave my phone inside while watering the gardens outside, then  come inside and open the phone and scroll through my list of text messages or calls I received while I was without the phone, I can easily see who text me and who called me as it's right there on the list.

The trouble comes when I am close to my phone but not in hearing distance, I receive a call or text and I am supposed to receive a sound alert that I missed the text/call, but I don't.

No matter how many times I've discussed this with Verizon Techs, both in person now, and over the phone, they don't seem to 'get' what it is I'm missing.
The young lady yesterdays scrolled through my messages and as she pointed her finger on the phone screen she said "Look, here are all your texts right here!"

I  KNOW where my list of texts are. I know where my list of missed phone calls are.
What I would like to have happen is to have the phone send me a sound alert when I've missed a text or a call.  I'm not even too picky; I'll settle for a 15 minute alert as much as I'd love to hear a 2 minute alert....ANY time alert would be better than what I get now, which is NO Alerts for any missed information coming to me through my cell phone.

Verizon Techs over the phone, have walked me through and have had me try:
Hard Re-set,  Soft re-set, Re-setting something via their VerizonWireless web site x's 3 separate instances.

Verizon Techs over the phone have also pushed some buttons on their end, told me it should be fixed now and sent me on my way.
It wasn't fixed.
After trying since yesterday.....having several friends and family call my cell phone to help me test it, I now realize I have NO Alerts of any kind:
No Message Sound Alert for: Missed Text Message/Missed Multimedia Message/Voicemail or  Missed Phone Calls.

I'd be happy with a simple 2 minute alert for my missed Texts and Phone Calls.

I have had my account with VerizonWireless for over Ten years now and I've never, ever had complaints about any of my Verizon phones.....I'm actually sad this has happened.

I wish I was more Tech Savvy as it probably wouldn't have taken me so long to figure out my phone didn't work correctly and I could have exchanged my phone while it was still under warranty.

Thank you for any and all  help, tips and advice you can provide.


Re: Samsung Brightside - How to fix 'Text Reminder' ?
Super User
Super User

You can always find the content you created or participated in by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the community forum. This takes you to your community profile page. From there you can click on either the "Activity" tab for recent activity (about a week) or the "Content" tab to see which posts you create or you replied to.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Samsung Brightside - How to fix 'Text Reminder' ?
Super User
Super User

The alert or reminder you want may or may not be available - what you currently (probably) have set up is a notification when the message is received (or phone call, etc) - ie the ringtone or message tone when the device receives the message originally.  If you MISS that, you want an audible signal every 15 minutes (or 2 minutes, or whatever) to tell you that you missed a call or text and haven't responded to it yet, correct?

As I said, that may or may not be available.  It sounds like you do have the feature on the Brightside - is there an option to SAVE the settings once you set it to remind you?

I did see this in the Brightside manual, which implies the reminder is vibration only.  It doesn't state but I would assume you would need the vibrate option ON for this to work.

Alert Reminder

• TXT Message: Alerts with vibration when a text message is

received. Selections are: Once, Every 2 Minutes, Every 15 Minutes,

or Off.

• Multimedia Message: Alerts with vibration when a multimedia

message is received. Selections are: Once, Every 2 Minutes, Every

15 Minutes, or Off.

• Voicemail: Alerts with vibration when a voicemail message is

received. Selections are: Once, Every 2 Minutes, Every 15 Minutes,

or Off.

• Missed Call: Alerts with vibration when you missed a call.

Selections are: Once, Every 2 Minutes, Every 15 Minutes, or Off.