Samsung Gusto® 3 & Backup Assistant

I originally had a verizon slide phone (LG forgot which one) and I changed the password of the backup assistant from the "default" so it is no longer the "last 4 digits of my phone number". Phone got ruined and ended out purchasing a Samsung Gusto® 3 Flip phone, which also had the backup assistant. This new phone, doesn't give me the option to set/change the password (not sure if that's the issue...) but the backup assistant on new phone never worked.  Gives me "error code: 216"

I cannot find anywhere online to reset my password on the cloud. and the phone, there is NO options for changing the password. I don't know if this is "the issue " or related...or what.. but how can I retrieve my contacts from the cloud and continue to use the backup assistant?

Please HELP!


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Re: Samsung Gusto® 3 & Backup Assistant
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pphone, thank you for reaching out to us. Getting your content back is vital. You can access your contact data from a computer by signing in to the Verizon Cloud on You can change your password and retreive your contacts from there, then continie to use backup assistant from your device.


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