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Service has become unusable

Last summer I purchased a property in the country. I went to Verizon and purchased a prepaid phone to test it there. I didn't want to commit to a service that wouldn't work. It was August. The phone worked pretty well. I would get an occasional dropped call but it wasn't often. So I signed up for service with a share everything plan with three phones. All the phones worked pretty good there. Every now and then we would get a dropped call. This year, starting in early March the service started getting spotty. As time went on it got worse. the voice would get garbled, the signal would get lost, I would get leaving service area and entering service area. This continued to get worse as time went on. I called Verizon and was informed I was in a marginal service area and it would not likely get better. I asked them when that happened because last year the phones worked fine. I explained that I used a prepaid phone to make sure before I signed up with a plan. I was told the signal has gotten worse because of the foilage on the trees. I asked them when they planted new trees because it worked fine last summer. It has now got to the point the phone rarely rings and I can rarely make a call. When I do get connected it is almost impossible to carry on a conversation. The funny thing is I get 4G on my MIFI internet connection. It is only the voice communications that are effected. I asked them if they were going to do anything about the service here. They said NO. They also informed me there is no type of signal booster that would help. I don't understand this. Why did the Phone work OK last summer but won't work this summer. I didn't change anything. I also don't understand why they don't offer some type of signal booster. I think I am going to try a different carrier and see if I get better service here.

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Re: Service has become unusable
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That sounds like a reasonable recourse.  I don't know what else you could do.  Verizon service, while the best in the country, is not guaranteed everywhere.

Re: Service has become unusable

+1 H 547   But will say for the area were i'm located it's fairly good most of the Time b