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Share Everything plan – you can have for ONE Basic Phone for $40.00.

This plan is new for the customers and also is new to Verizon representatives.Without any offense, I can say that we can not even trust them when it comes to changing the old plan to a new ‘Share Everything’.When we have a contract and there is no need to change our phone, we are not interested in checking plans and money. We do not look at Verizon website and do not visit their shops.Only when there is a need to change our phone, we have a chance to see ALL of novelty in prices.That happened with me last week. I've been without a contract and my phone ceased to function. I had no idea about the new ‘Share Everything’ plan until last Tuesday.

I had only one basic phone, no data, and no texting. My service plan was: 450 minutes for the price of $39.99 per month (Don’t laugh – some people still have it).
searching for the phone, I noticed a new plan, 'Share everything’: 700 minutes for $ 40.00 per month. I thought, great, only $ 0.01 more for extra 250 minutes.I called Verizon and I asked to change my old plan to ‘Share Everything’ option: 700 minutes unlimited talk and text as you go.The response was that I can not have this plan because I only have one device. I was told that in order to have this plan I must have a minimum of two devices. And that was the end of the conversation.

The next day I went again to It was strange to me that only two plans are shown. If only two plans are shown: ‘Share Everything’ andPrepaid’, there must somewhere be an option for the customer with only one phone.

So then I started to play:

I chose plan: Share EverythingI clicked on: Explore PlansI scrolled down and below the red button ‘View Plans’ I found the options:Ready to start shopping?Before choosing your plan, please 'choose your device'I clicked on 'choose your device' - Basic Phones - Samsung Intensity III – Add to Cart’ - New Customers - No, continue to plans - and ... I was on the page with $30.00 monthly access line plus $ 10.00 for 700 minutes talk.I clicked on 'Add to the cart', declined extended warranty, skipped the rest, clicked on 'Add to Cart', skipped accessory and clicked on 'Continue to review cart' and voila, I was on the page ready to checkout with a monthly fee $ 40.00 for the service, with only ONE Basic Phone.

I closed the page and I called Verizon.

I told the rep, that yesterday I was told that I can not have ‘Share Everything’ with one basic phone. He said that is true, and that I need at least two. I explained to him that this is not a Family plan in which at least two phones were needed. ‘Share Everything’ means sharing data between devices, which are not necesserly the phones.

Because today, I was smarter than yesterday, he could not get rid of me so easy like the other rep did yesterday.

I said I to him that if he will be doing the same things, step by step how I say to him, I prove that having only one basic phone I can purchase 'Share Everything' (700 minutes) plan for $ 40.00. He did what I told him to do, step by step, and came to $40.00. He changed my old plan (450 minutes for $ 39.99) to the new "Share Everything" (700 minutes for $ 40.00), and in conclusion thanked me for training.

One more thing – if someone needs to add texting (1,000 per month), it will cost an additional $10.00 (up to April 2012 was only $5.00).

The sad part of this story is that the customer can not always rely on the answers, so it sounds like is coming from an expert.

It was a long story, but maybe it will be useful to someone ...

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