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Successful HotShot software update

I tried (again) to update my HotShot's firmware (09:30 Pacific time) and it worked!

My first message was that an update was available, it was 3.1 MB, and that "data charges might apply."  I have no data plan so I figured VZ will be charging me the default rates to do the download, so I went ahead and got it. The download took about 30 seconds and then the phone flashed a screen that said performing the update would take 10 min. and that the phone could not make or receive calls during this time. There was an option to proceed or defer, so I picked proceed.

The phone then put up a text screen that started with "0 % complete" which then changed to "10% complete", "20% complete". etc. The whole update took maybe 3 minutes, after which the phone re-booted on its own. The "new" home screen looked just like the old one, and I really can;t tell what the changes did. I now have Brew Ver.; the Status page says "This software update includes enhancements to your Pantech Hotshot (CDM8992)." but gives no info on what the enhancements are.

I wonder if there is a way to find out what the updates actually include.

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Re: Successful HotShot software update

this is encouraging, as many people have been posting about repeated update failures. A CS rep told me my best bet was to return the phone for a replacement, but they'd hit me with the $35 restocking fee. Ridiculous. Here's hoping they fix the update problem.