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Trying to continue living with a basic phone…Trying

Well I got off a 2 year plan about 4 months. Ive been on Verizon for roughly 10 years. I enjoy the simplicity of a basic phone. All I need is a decent camera, a qwerty pad and I'm good. My problem is that all of the basic phones Verizon makes are pretty much crap, and there is not much variety. I understand that there is a full reason as to why they are shrinking the options (and keeping the prices higher than smartphones). They don't want people to NOT pay for a data plan. We are just consumers and I feel like I am almost becoming obsolete as a customer. My questions are; why can't I use a phone that is a "smartphone" as a regular phone? Why can't they make at least one decent phone that requires no data plan (don't come to me and say the phones they have are good, I've been using verizon many years and these all suck now) and why is there a limited list of phones I can use to be purchased used as a prepaid? I'm convinced I am the only 25 year old that actually makes money that doesn't own a damn smartphone. I don't want one, and I am not paying verizon any more money than what I pay. Crooks I tells ya! These phone companies are CROOKS

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Re: Trying to continue living with a basic phone…Trying
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Most of my friends that have basic phones wen to trac phone and are quite happy and the service is good. My husband and son have old basic phones on Verizon because they could care less about smart phones. I need to get them new phones but will probably have to leave Verizon to do it. Me I got tired of my basic phone on Verizon and wanted a smart phone so went to another carrier where I get unlimited everything every month and have been quite happy. Never have to worry about data overages and I find I use the internet on my phone a lot while traveling. Maybe you need to see what else is out there to suit your needs. Mary