Used/remaining minutes on $35 prepaid plan
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Phone: LG Revere

This phone can display balance information as:

"Balance: $104.10"  (remaining balance)

"PMT Date: 6/15/14" (date that funds expire)

This worked well on my old plan since text msgs cost 10 cents & calls were 30 cents or 15 cents/min.  This week I switched to the $35 prepaid plan giving me 500 anytime minutes with unlimited text & 500 MB of data for 30 days.

1. My online account page shows my balance is $69.10 which accounts for the $35 payment for the first 30 days of the plan but the Revere's balance display still shows the $104.10 amount.   Why isn't the phone's display accurately updated?  Following a Customer Service suggestion, I did the *228 & pressed 1 to reprogram the phone.  It made no difference.

2.  Is there an easy way to check the minutes remaining without calling Customer Service?  #MIN only tells me that my balance is $69.10 (and sends me a text with that info) but doesn't tell me that I have 434 minutes remaining.  The Customer Service rep told me that, but I couldn't find this total the VZW website.  The account usage page lists every call, text, etc. but unless I manually add up the duration of each call, I can't find out how many of those 500 minutes have been used this month.  Is this information somewhere else?

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