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Where did Verizon service go?

     I have a Verizon LG Cosmos 3 prepaid phone, and it is impossible to get an actual person by calling them.  In the past, I pressed 0 from their IVR and I was able to get an operator.  That was disabled.  First, I should have account owner status.  I have one phone, I am the only one who uses the one phone, and I am the only one who pays for my one phone.  I should not have "limited access" when signing onto my account online.

     Next, somebody stole all the Bluetooth profiles that I should have according to my phone menu.  Now, the only Bluetooth profile I have is the Bluetooth headset profile.  I don't use a Bluetooth headset, so that is useless to me.  I like Bluetooth to be able to transfer picture files between my computer, my Ipod Touch, and my LG Cosmos 3.

     That master reset I did last week did not give me back the Bluetooth profiles.  Now, I want back all my ringtones I purchased since I began using this LG Cosmos 3 phone using your VCast application which came installed on my phone.  The VCast application does not show any purchase history for me.  I don't think I should have to purchase them a second time.

     What happened to the MyVerizon website which is pre-installed on my phone?  I used to like making credit card payments within 2 minutes using your browser.  Now, I get server not trusted messages.  I liked being able to access my email using the web browser once in awhile on my phone.  Now, I get server not trusted messages.  I really can't afford or need to pay $10/month to use the email application on the phone once every 1-2 months.

     Why are most of the websites giving me server not trusted messages on the Verizon web browser now?  Why did Verizon end the web browsing feature on their phone first devices?  Exactly, what is going on with Verizon's management?  Why did the chat session with your live chat representative freeze when I requested to updated to the account owner?  Where is your service, Verizon???

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Re: Where did Verizon service go?

Well I can tell you a master reset wipes everything out as in factory reset so you will have to set it all up again just like you took it out of the box meaning you need re-do your Bluetooth things to connect again. Most devices work that way unless you have some kind of app that backs everything up settings and all in case you have to reset. Mary