can't hear caller, caller can't hear me

Hello,  Is my Intensity II just had it?  Problem started 5 months ago. When I'd call someone, their voice would start to fade, til I could no longer hear their voice. Around a month ago, when I would get a call, the same thing started happening with the person calling. Neither one of can hear each other. Texting and taking picture's work fine. I put in a new battery two weeks ago, and it did not help at all.   Any ideas?



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Re: can't hear caller, caller can't hear me
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Probably time to get a new phone that phone is quite old.

Re: can't hear caller, caller can't hear me
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I have had my phone for 9 months, from day one i had issues, the store I got it from could not fix it. after 7 or 8  visits and 2 new phones, that did not work. so I talk to them a number of times still could not fix it, then Verizon  sent me a new i 12, had the same issues. Then they sent me a  i 12 plus, which i have now, still did not fix it, sent me an extender. did not work. I wrote a complaint weeks ago and they have not replied. Verizon use to be the best service, not any more. What I may do is cancel Verizon, and we can go to court and see if a judge agrees with me. Verizon has not provided the service one should expect. I can't even make a doc appointment.

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Re: can't hear caller, caller can't hear me
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We do understand that this is frustrating for you. We would like to gather a few more details. Can you tell me when this happens? Is this on every call and all locations? Have you traveled a decent distance and had the same issue?