phasing out 3g/basic terrible idea
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Visited retailer yesterday to switch out my sons phone. We have kept a LG Cosmos for backup when something breaks and honestly it has been the best phone. My son recently purchased an iPhone 5C. We were informed yesterday by a company rep on the phone that as of December all "3G" phones will no longer be supported! And, on top of that, no-one in the store had been informed of this!

Terrible idea for the following reasons:

1. Not all of us live in urban areas - we use verizon because it is the best network in our area but even so our service goes from 3g to 4g depending on where you're at, and if you use your data limit.

2. The company should not dictate to their customers what type of phone to buy. If I pay may bill and choose to stick with "old" tech because it's what I like that's my prerogative.

3. Many of the older folks I know don't want a smart phone

4. The older flip phones usually are better at making calls and texts than the smart phones are.

5. When I'm out in the boonies on our ranch, often a flip phone will connect/pick up the network when the smart phones wont.

6. Some of us get tired of all the "connection" and simply want to make a call, not have internet constantly.

I am not a happy camper for the above reasons and the fact that not once has this information appeared on my bill in bold or on this website. Better customer service please not worse!

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Re: phasing out 3g/basic terrible idea
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No it's not a terrible idea that spectrum is better put to use for 4G/5G. You do realize all basic phones Verizon sells now are 4G and VoLTE capable have been for 6 months now. You are not forced to get a smartphone. Sorry but any phone that can do 4g AND VoLTE so even phones that are 4G but don't have VoLTE capability like the iPhone 5C will not be allowed to be activated on the network. Surprised you got it activated now since July 1st this has been policy not to activate non 4g/VoLTE devices. Sorry but after Dec 31 2019 any phone that doesn't have4g AND VoLTE will be a paperweight.

if you're son likes iPhones then iPhone 6 and above as well as the SE will work.

Re: phasing out 3g/basic terrible idea
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Since Verizon is going to 5G at end of 2019, it doesn't make any sense that they would expand

4Gservice. The 5G service uses a completely different spectrum than 3G or 4G, and is 10 times

faster, for customers who want to use the internet to download or view video on their phones. Many

of Verizons  customers who want just a basic phone, that's small, cheap  and easy to carry without

getting damaged, will probably go elsewhere if Verizon doesn't provide such an option.    

Re: phasing out 3g/basic terrible idea
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I agree and am actively seeking somewhere else to go because of this. I don't want a bigger more expensive flip phone that works worse than my Gusto 3. But you're barking up a dead tree.  verizon has given no indication that they care about the customers like us who don't want bigger, faster, more expensive, less functional phones...

Re: phasing out 3g/basic terrible idea
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You're a subscriber of the largest US carrier and are shocked they'd rather move forward than be stuck in the past? This is why we have speeds of around 1gbps on 5G instead still being on rotory phones.

Re: phasing out 3g/basic terrible idea

What provider are you going to go to that is not doing the same as Verizon? The advancement of technology is an overall great thing, but does require some periodic disruptions. 

The same was said as the analog systems were being shut down.