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I have an etalk flip phone.  I want to send photos to my hotmail.  I could do this easily when I had my Samsung flip phone.  How do I send pictures from my etalk phone to my hotmail so they will be on my computer and then post them on my facebook?  Thank you for any help.

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Being able to send photos to an email address is a great way to access them on the computer and then upload them to any place you want (such as Facebook), TonysPeach. I’ve scoured the user manual looking for any information on how to create an email and then attach a picture to it, I’m sorry to say I was unable to find a way to do this. The only thing I was unable to see is what the “share options” are that the user manual refers to on page 41. If email is among the shared options, then that’s how you’d send the picture to an email address. Does this information help?