Elk Grove Data and Cell coverage

I work in and around Elk Grove CA, and I barely get a signal.  This has been going on for a while and it seems to be getting worse. It's not the phone because I had the same issue with my last phone. My house that is in the Elk Grove Florin and Calvin area gets one bar, thankfully I use wifi. I drive all day down bruceville, Laguna blvd, Big horn and Franklin. The only place I get 5G is at brucville and Laguna but everywhere else it's like one to two bars with no LTE or 5G. If i pull out my work phone which is uses ATT, I get perfect signal stength. I'm about to drop Verizon and go back to ATT with my personal phone. Does anybody else have this same problem in Elk Grove?

Re: Elk Grove Data and Cell coverage
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Hello, Russ18. Help is here as we know how important it is to have a great signal, and we don't want to see you leave us. Please tell me more. What is the zip code? Also, when attempting to use your service, what exact issues do you experience? 


Re: Elk Grove Data and Cell coverage
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If AT&T works but Verizon doesn't in your neighborhood, it's time to port.  I'm guessing Verizon's towers are in the wrong location as compared to AT&T's which is why you can't pick up any Verizon signal.

I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.