Eris- Apps missing from Marketplace

I searched the forum and saw this was briefly discussed in November, but is anyone still finding that many apps are missing from the Marketplace on the HTC Eris phone?


Specifically, I am trying to download ActionComplete, which is recommended by many as a Top 10 Android app, but it doesn't show up in the marketplace.  I tried downloading from a 3rd party website, but it just linked me back to the Android Marketplace (where the app still didn't exist).


Is there still an issue with the HTC software regarding the Copy Protect flag that is mentioned in previous posts?  Does anyone know if this is supposed to be addressed in the January over the air fix?  Thanks,


- Joe

Re: Eris- Apps missing from Marketplace


The version of ActionComplete that's currently on the market requires Android 1.6. To the best of my knowledge HTC Eris currently runs Android 1.5. For the time being you can download ActionComplete-3.3.0-aligned.apk that is compatible with Android 1.5 from AC Google group.
The installation instructions can be found here.
When HTC and Verizon update Eris to a more recent version of Android you'll be able to download the current version of ActionComplete from the market.