Facebook app keeps repeatedly asking me to enter my password since changing my password

I've seen similar issues to this here and there, but found no solutions that actually worked for me.  I changed my Facebook password the other day, and ever since then, my Android phone keeps prompting me to re-enter my Facebook password several times.  I've tried:


  • Pressing the Log Out button and then logging back in with my new password.
  • Uninstalling the Facebook app and reinstalling it and entering my new credentials.
  • Going into Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Facebook and pressing Force Stop, as some  have suggested.  However, the Force Stop button doesn't do anything when I press it.  I haven't seen anyone else mention this issue.

I can use the Facebook app once I re-enter my password, but it's a major pain in the butt to have to enter it so many times, plus the fact that Facebook e-mails me every time I do to inform me that I logged on from the Android app.  Anyone have any suggestions, or know why the above solutions don't work?


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Lets have you try two things.


go to Settings > applications > manage applications > facebook > clear data/cache.


Also, inside of manage applications, click "ALL" on the top of the screen and locate facebook and try to clear it here - just to make sure you don't have multiple facebook applications.


Then, go to your browser, click the menu button on the bottom of your phone, then click on more in the bottom right, then scroll down and click on settings. 


Click the following buttons:  Clear Cache, Clear History, Clear all Cookie Data, Clear form data, Clear Passwords.


Note:  You will have to enter in your passwords at least once for each account you have (except email accounts).

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I would recommend the steps Protégé has suggested (clearing application data and clearing all temporary internet files, cookies, and cache). I would also like to add the following:

Try removing the Facebook account and re-adding it. This step is different from uninstalling the application. (Instruction below)

-Press Menu

-Select Settings

-Select Accounts and sync

-Long press on the Facebook application and remove.

Try a soft reset after the steps recommended were completed

-Power the device off

-Pull the battery out for 20 seconds

-Place the battery back in

-Power the device back on.