question about taskiller

How come some applications that i never even opened appear in taskiller?


Also, how come all the open applications don't close after 1 press on the widget?  i have to press it a few times on some occasions.

Re: question about taskiller
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The OS automatically starts certain applications and tasks. Some of these tasks enable your phone to do all the wonderful things it does such as automatic email synching, etc. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the necessity of killing tasks. Some feel it's unnecessary due to the efficient application/memory management mechanism employed by Linux. Others feel it is not only unnecessary but possibly the source of some of the issues reported on this forum due to the termination of necessary tasks.


Others argue that killing off unnecessary tasks make their Droid run faster or makes the battery last longer. IMHO I think the "task killer is unnecessary" gang presents a pretty logical explanation to support their case. Keep in mind that with thousands of developers out there creating thousands of Android apps, odds are at least a few of those apps are going to cause problems due to design flaws, bugs or the developer's biggest trouble maker, unintended consequences. So, yeah there are probably tasks that need killing from time to time, but IMO it shouldn't be necessary for apps that adhere to all the rules.