IPhone 14 Pro Screen burning near the speakers
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I have a 14 Pro since June 29th 2023.

I've recently noticed what looks like my Screen Protector lifting up BUT it's NOT !  The Phone Screen appears what looks like the circuitry in the shape of a "balloon"  coming from the edge of the screen (  just above the speaker to the right of the lightning link Port)  I know it's in the SCREEN and NOT the screen protector.  OS VER 17.3.1

Has anybody else noticed this? Anybody else experienced this issue? 

Thanks in advance.

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Re: IPhone 14 Pro Screen burning near the speakers
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Hello, class3nh, thanks for reaching out regarding your phone screen. Since seeing this, have you had a chance to remove/replace your screen protector to take a closer look underneath? Has your phone overheated or been exposed to any other liquid/damage?