8330 Curve Slowness with accessing icons, screen refresh

About a month ago the mouse ball fell out of my BB. I called Asurion and filed a claim. They sent me a refurb that didnt work, I sent it back. Then a new one that was also broken, then a third one that was brand new according to them.


For the record, it has not been dropped, or liquid spilled on it or anything. I dont have much media at all (pics/ringtones) and not many apps. The only thing I found odd was when I got this one that was suppose to be brand new it asked me to update the OS. Which my initial on did not. But it appears to be the same OS as my old one.


Basically the issue is moving around the icon theres like a 5-6 second delay. When I receive an incoming call, the refresh to show whos calling is pixelated for several seconds like it trying to change screens but is delayed.

When I answer a call, it takes 5-6 seconds for the call to connect after pressing the green button to answer.

I never had this happen until I got the 3rd replacement. I really dont want to pay another 89 dollars to deal with Asurion again.


Does anyone have an suggestions on how to fix it? Or is it even fixable?


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Re: 8330 Curve Slowness with accessing icons, screen refresh
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Have you tried to do a "battery pull"? Remove the battery and wait about 30 seconds, insert the battery and turn your Blackberry back on. If you are still experiencing the same issue, it's possible that your device memory is low. Your phone can't keep up. Do you have any applications running in the background?