Blackberry 8530 MMS option

I recently switched to a Blackberry 8530 and I can't send or receive MMS files. I don't even have the option in the "options" menu to send MMS, it only has an SMS option. Is there any way I could change that?


Re: Blackberry 8530 MMS option
Customer Service Rep

Hi there michelle92!

Those are pretty important in a smartphone! We want you to be able to share those memorable moments with everyone! You should have the icon for SMS and MMS on the phone which should allow you to compose these messages. If you do not, you may have a block on your line. Please log online here and in the "I want to..." section, go to Service Blocks. Here you can see if you possibly have it blocked. If so, please remove and then power phone off, pull out the battery, and restart.

If no block is present, then it may be in your phone itself. Please go into the options menu (small wrench) and then select on MMS. Is everything enabled in here? Please check these and report back if you're still having issues.


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