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Blackberry Curve 3g is always freezing

I have a blackberry 3g and its always freezing.  I have to take the battery out and reset the whole phone.. Is there a simpler way of getting this done without having to wait forever for this thing to reboot

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Re: Blackberry Curve 3g is always freezing


No, there is no way around of how long it takes for a Blackberry to reboot.  I have noticed that with the Blackberry OS 6, the reboot time is shorter on my Bold than with OS 5, but it still takes about 2 minutes.  A battery pull is recommended to be performed at least every couple of days in order to free up some memory and make your device work better. 

Another common cause of freezing on a Blackberry is from having too many open apps.  With your device powered on and from the main screen, press and hold down the Menu key ( to the left of the trackpad).  This shows running programs in the background.  By default, you should have 5 icons showing; Home, Messages, Blackberry Messenger, Browser, and Phone.  If you have any more than this, scroll to the app on the screen that is showing and go into that program and close it by using the Menu key and pressing Close or Exit. 

Another big memory hog that causes freezing is your call log.  Press the Menu key to show running programs in the background.  Press the Phone icon and go there.  All of those call logs build up and use memory.  You can delete them by holding down the left caps key and scrolling down the list to highlight each one all together.  Then, press the Menu key and press Delete.  That will clear the call log.  The same thing applies to your messages folder with built up messages in the main messages folder.  Delete them if they are old.  You can also go into the Browser and clear your cache.  From the browser, press the Menu key and select Options.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Clear Now. 

These are just a few tips that can help save memory and give your device a "breath of fresh air."  You should perform those house keeping tasks at least once a month, just to save memory.  I hope this helps.



Re: Blackberry Curve 3g is always freezing

Are you using 6.0? Since I been using 6.0 on my bold, I've been having same issues.