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Blackberry Curve Service Problems

I have a blackberry curve and have had frequent problems with various different aspects of the phone. But right now, I cannot make or receive calls or text messages. I've tried using the Manage Connections icon to shut off the mobile network connection then turn it back on, I've shut the phone off and turned it back on, I've taken the battery out but nothing is working. Even when I shut off the connections, the phone says it is on. I can't even call Verizon's customer support to ask what to do, because the call won't connect. Yet for some reason, I'm still receiving emails.


Does anyone know what is causing this or what I can do to fix it? I'm living on a college campus and don't have access to a landline phone or a car so I have no way of getting to a Verizon store anytime soon. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Blackberry Curve Service Problems


Go to Manage Connections>Click Mobile Network Options.  Press the Menu button and select Diagnostic Test and run the diagnostics to see what the problem might be.  You may need to call customer service from another phone to get this sorted out.  I'm sure on the college campus there is a phone you could use or maybe a friend will let you use theirs to call CS. 


Re: Blackberry Curve Service Problems

Have you tried the *228 option 2 call?  If you can get that to work, it might be good to update the host routing tables as this is what it does.