Blackberry Curve Time Zone problems

My Blackberry switches between Atlantic and Easter timezones at least 3 times per day. It is starting to make my life difficult because I also use it for my scheduling. In some cases I am missing meetings because I think that I am supposed to be at another one an hour later (if that makes sense).


Has anyone else had a similar problem and could help me with a fix?

Re: Blackberry Curve Time Zone problems
Verizon Employee

Hello rappleboy,


May I ask do you have the correct time zone set in your device? Have you tried a battery pull on the blackberry? If both of these steps have been taken then the next step would be to reinstall the OS on the device. This can be done using the desktop manager. A third option would be a factory reset. Of course I recommend this route if you have already backed up your information using the desktop manager. If so, then the steps on how to reset the device is posted below.


Options > Security > Security Wipe 


Although you don't have to select all data for wiping, I usually recommend checking Use Installed Application, just in case the issue may be an app.


Hope this helps...


Re: Blackberry Curve Time Zone problems


Don't even bother with the security wipe, programming or other blah blah blah that technical support or anyone in the stores will suggest.  IT WON'T WORK... 


I have had 5 (although it should've been 6) tickets opened up regarding this year and have done every bit of programming work, hard reset, data removals, etc and even on the phone I received less than 2 weeks ago, this issue is occurring in NYS with the same outcome as what you are experiencing in Tampa, Florida and on my 3rd different Blackberry device (2 Tours and now a Storm2). 


But here's the thing, the issue isn't limited to just Blackberry devices here.. It's also impacting LG Env and Droid-based phones..


Hopefully you can get your issue resolved but I have been unable to after almost 5 months of working with customer service and technical support with combined time spent on the phone and in stores in excess of 40 hours.