Blackberry Curve issues (battery/internet service)

My battery overheated about 10 days ago (just like another post, they acted like they never heard of this).  They sent me a new (refurbished) Curve, forgot the return mailing label.  Regardless, I can not access the internet with my new phone, I receive an error that this is a wi-fi service, please ensure you have an active wi-fi connection.  I have called twice and been into a store 3 times since I received my new phone 5 days ago.  I have turned on & off wi-fi, I have removed the battery to reboot, what else can I do?  The service reps are telling me that my employer needs to handle this since I have my corporate email on it & that is to blame, but my IT department has assured me that it's a verizon issue and no one else in my company is having this issue.

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Not sure this is the case but usually when they send you a phone it is not set up. You have to pull all the service books etc and set it up. Since you are on BES usually your company will do that and more than likely with some help from Verizon. Also if this is a company phone they are limited on how much they can do unless you are the plan administrator but I would have thought they would tell you that

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Thanks for the information leeford54. That's correct, if your working with an Enterprise server your IT department will need to establish your email connection. If on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, restrictions may be in place that prevent downloading and installing applications.


Listed below are steps to re-establish your browser connection:

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu button.

  2. Select Browser.

  3. Select Get Apps.
    Note If the VZStart page does not appear automatically, navigate to
    Note If the Get Apps option is not available, navigate: Menu button > Options > Browser Configuration then ensure Browser Identification is set to BlackBerry.

  4. Select the appropriate application.
    Depending upon device software version and hardware capabilities, the list of available applications may vary.

  5. Follow the step-by-step instructions to begin the download.
    Depending upon the application selected, the number of steps (e.g. license agreement, language selection, etc.) may vary.
  6. Ensure Set Application Permissions is selected (checked) then select Download.
    Note The application version may differ from the example shown.

  7. Ensure all permissions are set to Allow, press the Menu button then select Save.

  8. If presented, select Yes.

  9. Select OK.

 Additionally, you can also delete and restore the service records by completing the following steps:


  1. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book.
  2. Locate the BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service [Browser Config] service book.
  3. Display the menu, and click Delete. When the prompt Are you sure? is displayed, click Delete.
  4. Display the menu, and click Undelete.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the IPPP for BIBS [IPPP] service book.