Curve "2" aka 8530: UN-typeable

Hi All,

I had a curve 8330 for 2+ years and LOVED it. When the charging port broke suddenly ( sucked....couldn't transfer data/contacts, I automatically went for the Curve 8530. This was 2 weeks ago.


Well....I have small hands and typing on the 8330 was a breeze....but the 8530: not so much.

They changed the keyboard "button" shape! They used to be more square; now they are oblong.

Long story short, even with my small fingers, typing was very difficult. My nail would slip off the key and end up BEWTEEN the keys. I had been a big fan of the Curve for specifically that reason: buttons had space around them.


So...what was my option? The Tour. Got it 2 days ago. It has the ole' trackball, which kinds sucks....and I'm betting the new Tour will be out any minute. That's my kind of luck.


Did anyone find the new Curve harder to type on?

Also: Verizon allows for ONE "change of phone" in the 30-day period. Do I stand any chance of swapping for a new Tour if it comes out within my 30 day trial...even though I used up my "one swap"? I should at least get credit like Apple did when it released it's new iPhone and people balked.


Then again: Verizon is to Apple like cold is to hot!


Ok so......any Curve 8530 typing issues?



and, yes, I love Macs :smileyhappy:

Re: Curve "2" aka 8530: UN-typeable

Am glad I have read your post.  I have had 3 Tours and the trackball has been an ongoing issue.  I now have the Curve 8530 and I like this little device a lot.  I am not having issues typing on it at all.  It was a little stiff at first but it took me no time to get used to it.  I love the trackpad on it and it really is a quick little device.  I am pleased with it.


The device you are talking about isn't going to be out for awhile.  You won't regret getting the Curve.  It is not a lowgrade phone.

It really is a nice BB

Re: Curve "2" aka 8530: UN-typeable
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I had the 8330 "old Curve" for awhile and really liked the keyboard, not the trackball.  When I switched to the Curve II 8530, I liked the new track pad but the keys seemed stiff and hard to type.  Being a guy, even I had issues with my nails hitting the keypad buttons and slipping off!  After about 2 weeks or so in the beginning, I apparently adjusted just fine to the new keypad and now I do not have any issues typing and do not even think about the differences.  I guess it was just a learning "Curve".  I know, pretty lame joke.  :smileyvery-happy: