Erroneous Unread Message Counter


The unread message counter on the top of my curve repeatedly shows messages that do not exist on my phone.  I have searched for all unread messages an see nothing unread.  If I remove my battery and put it back in, essentially rebooting my device, then the counter is clear.  It happens on my Verizon Curve as well as my spouse's ATT&T curve from work.  They both pull down messages from the same mailbox.


I have seen messages in my INBOX that are not being received down to my handheld. They are always unsolicited messaged that I then manually mark as spam to remove.


Could there be timing issues with spam emails that are being moved out of the Verizon INBOX into a spam folder, but were in the mailbox long enough to trigger the counter?


Has anyone else seen a similar scenario?

Re: Erroneous Unread Message Counter
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I think this question belongs in the Blackberry forum.:smileyhappy:

Re: Erroneous Unread Message Counter
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I once had that issue when I had a Blackberry. It can be quite annoying.:smileyindifferent:

I was able to resolve it by following up with RIM/Blackberry


Try these steps and let  me know if that works for you.