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how do i retrieve my password to my password keeper on my blackberry? I cant remember for the life of me. Grrr

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I can definitely understand how troubling it can be to forget passwords.  I do it all the time!  Unfortunately, I do not have access to retrieve your password.  The best way to get into the app would be to do a master reset on the phone.  Here the steps to do that:


From the main screen, press Blackberry.
Scroll to  Options, press Trackpad.
Scroll to Security Options, press Trackpad.
Scroll to Security Wipe, press Trackpad.
Select options to wipe:

  • Emails, Contacts, etc.
  • User Installed Applications

Type the word blackberry to continue where prompted, scroll to wipe, press Trackpad to select.


Once you complete this measure you will be able to get into all of your apps.  I hope this helps.  Thanks.