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Help me choose...BB Curve v/s HTC Ozone

Hi!  I need some help pushing me in one direction or the other.  I've narrowed my list down to either the BB Curve or the HTC Ozone.  Keep in mind this will be my first smartphone.  I mainly want want a smartphone for the purpose of email & internet.  I couldn't care less about document storage and the like.  GPS is a bonus not a necessity. 


I'm nervous about going w/the Ozone because it's new and all the kinks might not be worked out yet and I'm nervous about the Curve because some reviews say it's difficult to set up.  Also, I think I've been reading that the Curve is now an older model???  Is that accurate?


So, help me choose! 




Re: Help me choose...BB Curve v/s HTC Ozone
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HTC makes some nice phones and the Ozone is one of them.  The HTC Touch Pro 2 coming out is also very nice.  Like you said though, they're still faily new and a BB already has the cache as the best device for email and such unless you're an Apple fanboy.  The original mission of the BB was being an email client for business people on the go and they do internet pretty well also.  Most smartphones if not all come with an HTML browser built in for ease of surfing.  You can't really go wrong either way.  Some people prefer windows mobile some prefer RIM OSs.  You're in a BB forum section so naturally most of us are going to be partial to BB's.  I own the Storm and while I wouldn't recommend getting the 1st iteration, the 2nd one would be pretty cool if u like touchscreen.  The Tour has just come out to replace the Curve and there's lots of good buzz about that handset.  The BB World phone is a businessman's favorite from what I've read as well.  Best thing to do is to go into a store and play around with the phones and see which one you like the best, which is more intuitive for you to use, and what appeals to you asthetically.  As far as GPS, BB's do very well with most of them coming unlocked and ready to use w/out having to subscribe to VZ Navigator.....


One thing to keep in mind is that any BRAND NEW phone (HTC, BB, WM et all) is gonna have some issues so unless you're getting a second generation be prepared to deal with some flaws and bugs until the general public has found em all and they come out with some sort of update in the form of firmware to correct the issues.



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Re: Help me choose...BB Curve v/s HTC Ozone



I have had the HTC Ozone for about 1 week now.  Overall I really like it, since I prefer the candy bar (trade term) style.  I prefer the Windows Mobile devices, my previous device was the Motorola Q9M.  So far it does not appear buggy to me, runs better than my Q because the larger memory.


My only cons would be the following because I am heavy email/internet users:

1) need to recharge daily

2) LED new email message no setting (so it blinks when I have a new email which is almost always)

3) Need to use the task manager to close several applications because they did not have Exit menu item


The pros -

1) The voice quality seems much better even over speaker

2) Main page and navigation system is nice for single hand use - use the keys to scroll

3) FAST - much faster than my  Moto Q and all my Q - win apps also run on this one even with the newer OS


Hope this helps.



Re: Help me choose...BB Curve v/s HTC Ozone

Well I did it!  I ordered my BB today!  Between researching here and the Crackberry forums, I found alot of valuable info and decided I'd try out the Curve.  I don't mind that it's "older"'ll be new to me since it's my first smartphone!  :smileywink: 



Thanks for the info!!! 

Re: Help me choose...BB Curve v/s HTC Ozone
i have both phones and while my personal phone is the Ozone I think i like the Blackberry curve better.  The Ozone is indeed a "quick" phone and has alot i am currently not familiar with. The Ozone is a Rev A data phone which makes it not neccesary to use a data card to acheive those speeds.  IMO  The blackberry looks better. I prefer the extra heft of the phone as compared to the Ozone. My wife thinks the keyboard on the Ozone is better. Honestly with either phone you would have been happy. Enjoy your curve.