I Purchased A Blackberry Curve 8310, At A Bank Auction And I Need A Few Items.

I Hope Someone Out There Can Help Me!

      I Purchased A Blackberry Curve 8310, At A Bank Auction,  There Was No CD, Our Instruction Manual With It,  So I Know Nothing About it. It also Has A Hard Case Going All Around It,  And I Can't Get It Off Without The Fear Of Breaking It,  So I Don't Even Know If The Phone Has A Sim Card Or Not. The Name On The Hard Cover Is Otter Box, If There Is Some Type Of A Holster Thet Goes To This Case I Would Like To Know Where To Purchase It. The Phone That I Have Now Is A LG Chocolate Touch And IT Is Driving Me Nuts, I Am Recovering From A Stroke,  And I Have A Awful Time Trying to Dial Out On It,  Or Doing Anything With The Digital Touch Operation,  And I Don't Like The Fact That You Can't Turn Off The Talking Voice Part On It.  I Still Have Almost Two Full Years On My Contract Before I Can Change It Out,  So I Purchased This Blackberry to Switch It With, But I Want To Play Around With It Any Learn How To Use It Before I Make The Change.

     Thank You So Much.


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Yah otter boxes can be a PAIN to get on and off but they do add a lot of durability to the phone


if you go to vzw.com/support and type you phone in the middle it will pop up all sorts of FAQ and questions, user manual and everything



Blackberries are pretty simple to use, just playing with the device for a few mins you'll be able to see if it works for you


Now when you say sim card, do you mean you are going global with the device. Or do you mean a memory card (SD)



On your phone now you say that it is talking when you go to places? There is an option to turn that off



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I believe the Blackberry 8310 model is a GSM type unit so it is not compatible for use on the Verizon network. 

As far is info on the Otter Box case you can probably find instructions how to remove the case and where to get a holster directly from www.otterbox.com

See attached users guide.


Blackberry 8310 User Guide


i believe spiral is right. unfortunately, i don't think you can use the 8310 on verizon....unless it released with additional radios. however, it's 6 years old and i really think you should consider finding something else on ebay or craigslist.