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Multiple Problems. In-store help useless. Online chat is a robot

Ok, I have had the Blackberry Stom 2 since May of last year and had the touch screen went dead in spots around December of last year. I took the phone into one of the retail stores here in Tallahassee and they told me that they see a small scratch on the top of the screen which broke it and the warranty is void. I then had to pay the great and lovely insurance deductible for a new one. I have had this new phone since the beginning of January and I have the following problems:


1. Phone restarts by itself ALL THE TIME. The storm 2 takes between 5 - 20 minutes to restart.


2. The return button and end button work about 10% of the time. This gets really annoying.


3. While testing or in contacts the phone scrambles and goes black at random times.


4. Touch screen is extremely sensitive in spots and double clicks all the time. This makes me call clients and other people in my contacts when I do not want to.


5. This phone randomly freezes which makes you take the battery out. This happens at least once a day and I have to wait 5-20 minutes for the restart.


This has been going on for months. I can not put up with this thing any longer, so I finally found the time today to go into the retail store again.  The lady told me that the warranty was up and I would have to use the insurance deductible.


Why do I keep paying insurance deductibles for a phone that is having manufacturing problems? She gave me the following choices


1. Pay deductible..... Not happening


2. Add another line and get a small phone to add to the account which I could use instead. Why would I do this and pay $120 a month for a flip phone.


3. Cancel my contract and pay $200. Well now I just feel like Verizon is screwing me.


Anyone got any ideas, because I am close to boycotting this company.

Re: Multiple Problems. In-store help useless. Online chat is a robot

This scares me i know this message is old but just came accross it and im actually waiting for my bb storm 2 battery to come from verizon. I've been without a phone for 2wks now, I had the bb curve which somehow died after 3mos. I had taken it to the verizon store which is pretty much useless!!!! They take the battery out put it back in and say nope its dead nothing we can do! My updgrade was given to someone else who is on the plan because their phone had died (the phones last about a year but seem to not make it past that to the full 2years) so i had gotten the bb curve used, anyways first i was told nothing we can do its not in warranty, so after several more attempts to try and fix it i finally got someone on the phone that did try to help. They told me it was covered and they would send me another phone but the curve is no longer avail so they sent me the storm 2. I finally received the phone but they didnt send a battery or charger which is beyond irritating cuz the girl knew i would need one since she told me its totally different from the curve so they would have to send me the back, battery and charger. I am now 2wks without a phone and am waiting for the battery to arrive so i can have a phone again but now after reading all the problems people seem to be having with the phone it really worries me. I was even told by someone at Verizon when i was complaining about paying 500. plus on a phone and it cant even make it the full 2years is very frustrating and he responded with "well the phones aren't made to last that long" what? who would say that! there has yet to be a phone that i've gotten from them that holds up any amount of time and i really hate spending that much on a phone that always seems to die right after the 1 year warranty is up but before the 2year contract is up! why is that?