Phones constantly turn off in the middle of phone calls, texting or web browsing; help!

My daughter and I both have BlackBerry Curves that are approxiamately 2 years old.  They are constantly shutting down during phone calls and web browsing even though the battery shows a full charge. When they finally finish rebooting the battery indicators show that they are completely drained and need to be recharged.  The screens freeze regularly and the little clock icon keeps spinning whenever we try to do the most basic functions.  I can't wait to upgrade to different phone but can't afford to buy four of them at once.  What can we do to get by until we upgrade?

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Wow Scotty1964. It's certainly strange that both phones are doing the same thing! Do you both share the same chargers? It may be as simple as the charger needing to be replaced if the phone is not getting the best charge to begin with. It's also possible that both devices downloaded something in common to cause the quirky behavior. Did this start after an update was installed on the phone? Or maybe an application was updated or installed? If just removing an application doesn't help, you may find a Master Reset may be the best way to purge the phone of the pesky trouble and have working devices in your hand until you're ready for those upgrades.

And I know money is tight, especially when you're looking to upgrade so many devices at once. When you have a chance, visit to check out all the online specials for phones. An upgrade may be more affordable than you think.

Thank you

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