SMS: receive old messages, missing old messages, Java error

Hello all, newbie here.  I hope I get all the details straight on this problem as I **really** want to find a solution!!

Right now on my Blackberry Curve (8530?) purchased in May this year, I'm having problems and have for a little while.

I ONLY use the regular "Text Messages" icon - I've never used the BBM or any specialized services.

Under text messages, the headers go all the way back to April 2011, but anything further back than December are green and besides the date and contact's name, going into those show no SMS nor other message details.

1. Is that normal?

I have on a few occasions (< 10) received a text message (or 2 at a time) from a while back.  An example: Yesterday while inside the Text Message app, I got a notification of receiving one text message from earlier in the day PLUS an SMS that I originally received back in November - that is also a message my BlackBerry currently won't let me go back and look at at all!

2. Why is that happening?

I downloaded the SMS messages and there are only 3848 of them and they only go back one month.  I know that isn't normal because earlier backups included multiple months of messages.

3. Why so few SMSs?

Looking online, the only thing I can deduce is that my SMS database has been corrupted.  I **REALLY** want whatever chance I can have at recovering messages from November and even October from my phone.  If it helps ANY, I am a programmer and I've had to pick apart data files before, and I am willing to do so now, again, if it can help me *any* in getting those older messages!

4. What options do I have of getting those messages out of my BlackBerry?

I have also had a couple problems over the last couple months - at least once the SMS system seemed to stall to where I could only type one character every few seconds, there have also been a few SMS network errors (send-fails), and bulk receives such that all received messages' order are mixed up.  I have removed the battery a couple times and when the system finally comes up it shows an error dialog with some Java Exception on it...

5. Is this new, or normal for Verizon and/or BlackBerry Curves?


Re: SMS: receive old messages, missing old messages, Java error
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Js90125634, it sounds like you are having several issues with your messages on your Blackberry. I agree that it sounds like your Messages application is corrupt, and that appears to be causing all of these issues, including going past 30 days to backup files. You stated you were previously able to backup prior months. How long ago was this, do you still have that previous backup saved? If so, you may be able to restore that file if you need specific messages.

I would suggest clearing the Messages database from the Blackberry, to delete any corrupt files that may be causing this issue.


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