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Trouble with VZW Tones on a Curve?

I wanted to add a ringback tone to my Curve (I've had Verizon for years and done this without fail many times, but this is my first BB).  I'm on a plan with my fiance, so when I sign into our account, it's obviously all under his name.  At the top of the overview page, I switched it to my phone, signed up for ringback tones, set it all up, and purchased the one I wanted.  About an hour later I called my phone to make sure it was on there, nothing.  So I called his phone, and it was on his.  I thought it was weird so I signed back in and could not find any kind of settings to put it on mine instead, as no matter which phone I selected, the ringback tone program was there with no other options.  I switched his back to a default one before he realized he had a girly country song on it.  I tried to figure out how to put the VZW Tones directly onto my BB, but using the brower is frustrating.. I go to the links for the apps and it just sends me back to the homepage everytime.  Is that not available to download yet on the Curve, or am I just stupid?  haha.  Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Re: Trouble with VZW Tones on a Curve?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Although your number shows up when you log in to the primary account, any ringtones or ringback tones you purchase go on the primary number.   Set up an account for YOUR number, log in with that.  You will only see information for YOUR number, as it is a secondary line.  Purchase, download, etc  and NOW they will be associated with YOUR number.  You can call CS and explain and they may be able to credit the account for the first one done in error....or possibly even switch it to your line without having to repurchase.  In any event, set up your own MyVerizon account!



Re: Trouble with VZW Tones on a Curve?
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SuzyQ is correct, good answer.