Very frustrated

I have poor reception at my house. I have purchased a Network Extender which works to an extent. My Blackberry shows that I have 3g coverage at full bars or at least 3. However, when I send a text from anywhere in my house the recipient receives the message at least 5 times. And there has been instances where I will receive a message 20 min later or not at all. This is very frustrating. This actually happens with some calls, a call will go right to voicemail and unless the person calling leaves a message I have no idea they called. This is a problem because I have to be on call with the type of job I have. And there is no home phone connection at my house at all. I called customer service regarding this before they told me to call back from another number. This is almost impossible because 1. I don't have a home phone and 2. I live alone. And the last thing on my mind when someone comes over is to call Verizon so they can troubleshoot my phone. Not sure if this is just a problem with the blackberry. Because my friends with other phones do not seem to have this issue when they are over but it seems like the friends with blackberries do have this problem. I really don't want to install a home phone or switch providers. Please HELP!!! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciative.

Re: Very frustrated
Customer Service Rep

Nichol08, thanks for posting. Are you still having issues with your service? Have you reached out to our network extender team at 800.922.0204?^SP