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download ringtone

Hey all,

New here and with this phone. I bought two ringtones from my phone and it shows up on the myverizon website but they are not on my phone. How am I supposed to get it onto my phone?

Thanks for the help.

Re: download ringtone
Verizon Employee



When purchasing the ringtones, you should have received a message on your phone including the ringtone. You would then download the ringtone, press the Blackberry button, and then choose to save it as a ringtone. Please let us know if this has resolved the issue for you. 


Thank you!

Re: download ringtone

I did receive a message saying to download the ringtone.  I clicked on the download button and then I get a message that the ringtone message is expired or not available.  I don't see the ringtone in my media but I'm pretty sure I've already been charged for it.  Just keeps saying the download was unsuccessful.  How can I resolve this issue???

Re: download ringtone
Customer Support

Hello booboo,

ringtones are fun, and help you distinguish who is calling you,so I know that it's important to get the ringtone you want. I'd like to ask a question or two. How long has the message been on your phone before reading that it's expired? In other words, when you first got the message, did you get the same error message? Finally, was the ringtone purchased from Verizon Wireless, or was it received from a different source?

Please let me know, so we can assist you with a resolution. Thanks!

Christina B
VZW Support
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