google calender mobile setup

I am trying to verify my mobile # with google so I can sync my calendar to my phone.

I have a Blackberry Curve.

I haven't received any texts from Verizon with a verifcation code to enter into the google calendar settings page.

google says that it could be one of 3 issues:

  • Our service was temporarily unavailable. Our service might have been temporarily unavailable when you requested a verification code. Please try activating the SMS feature of Google Calendar again.
  • You've ported your mobile phone number. If you've just switched mobile providers while keeping the same phone number (i.e., you've ported your number), Google Calendar's SMS feature may not work immediately. Please wait a few weeks before trying again.
  • Your provider blocked shortcodes. Your mobile provider might have inadvertently blocked you from receiving SMS messages from services that use shortcodes. Please ask your carrier to unblock messages from Google (48368).

Bullet point 2 is not an option.  I am thinking it is Bulletpoint 3.  Any suggestions?



Thanks for the help!

Re: google calender mobile setup
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Your porting situation can definitely be option 3. We block premium SMS shortcodes on a per-account basis upon request. To remove this block on SMS shortcodes (5-digit codes), you can call customer service at 800-922-0204.  An instant removal of that short code will fix your issue if option 3 is the culprit.  You can also PM me with your number, and I'll call as soon as I can to help you remove it. 


You can test to see if premium messages are blocked by sending "W (your zip code)" to the shortcode that spells out Google (466453). If the message sends, and you get a response, you know that it is likely culprit number 1, and you can try again at a later time. 


I hope you found this info helpful.