Im getting blackberry soon and i cant decide which one to get I'm deciding between: curve (8330), tour (9630), storm 2


Which one should I get? Which one has better features? 

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either the tour or the storm. depends on which keyboard do you like better...the touch screen or the bb keyboard. i like the storm keyboard because the keys are bigger but thats imo. the curve doesnt have on board memory and it has a 2megapixel camera... thats why i dont care for it. the storm 2 has 2gb on board memory and 256mb flash for apps. the tour and the new curve will have 256mb flash memory also.the 8830 now only has 128mb of flash memory. be sure to try out the phones in the store. some dont like the curve keyboard because its too small. you have to use those little number keys to dial a number which i dont like about the curve. and there is a tour 2 in the making. bb is doing away with trackballs. people have had a lot of problems with them.
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If you are wanting to get a new BB now, I can recommend the Tour.  I have had one for about 2 months without any problems.  The vivid screen colors are great.  The 256mb memory really helps make the device run smoothly.  Last, the 4.7 operating system on the Tour really has a great Browser.

The Storm has been a great device for a lot of people.  I know from talking to a coworker who has one he likes the larger touchscreen.  The colors on the Storm are great also.  It also has the 256mb memory like the Tour.

If you are waiting for newer models, no date has been announced for any new models.  If Verizon is like any other business, 4th quarter, especially during the holidays, is the biggest money-making time of the year.  I would expect a couple of new models in time for the holidays.  That is just my opinion. 

What ever you decide to go with, try to decide if you want the extra features such as touch screen, more memory, etc.  If price is a problem then go with a less expensive model such as the Curve 8330.  I bought one for my son and he really likes it.  The 8330 has been the "work horse" for RIM.  It is probably one of their most popular devices, mainly due to the price. 

Good luck on your decision,