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instant messaging on blackberry curve

I used to monitor my daughters texting online- who and at what times - thru my online details and have since got her a blackberry curve.  She has been instant messaging more and more with blackberry messenger.  From my understanding blackberry messenger uses the data portion and my bill only shows data usage. is there a way to check what times and who she is instant messaging from my bill or online details?

Re: instant messaging on blackberry curve
Sr. Member

Unfortunately you won't be able to see the kind of detail you want if the user is on Blackberry Messenger. You'll only be able to see individual session times when the phone connects to the data network and how much data was actually used. No other detailed information is available from that type of usage.


If you wanted to view the times of each individual session you'll click on the "View Data Usage Details" link from the MyVerizon > My Services > MyUsage page. It'll give you the date/time of the connection and how much data was used in kilobytes or megabytes.