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my blackberry id is locked out

i am so frustrated i paid a lot of money for this phone and i cant download apps anymore because i forgot the answer to my security question. I'm single and i have no idea why i chose "who do you love" as my security question dumbest thing i ever did when the answer to that changes all the time. is there anything i can do? i thought i could reset my e-mail password but i dont even know that because verizon set it up for me in the store.

Re: my blackberry id is locked out
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Teazalot, I understand how frustrating it can be to have to remember so many passwords! I would suggest creating a new account. If you open Blackberry App World, press the Menu button, then My World, you will have the option to create a new ID. You can also create a new account online

Re: my blackberry id is locked out

My Blackberry ID is also locked out. However, I do remember the answer to my secret question and also my password. I have tried several times to change the password, both online and on my phone. It has worked before and did fine... for awhile. Then when I try to go back into the App World, I get a message something like this: Unable to authenticate user id and password combination.


Also, the trouble with creating a new Blackberry ID is that if anything super bad happens to my phone, my stuff is totally gone. Not only do I have to re-download and buy everything again, I have to search for it first because it's not already saved in the Blackberry ID. I have not been able to access my app world account for weeks now. There are updates waiting but I can not get them or anything new. 


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