should I run wifi and my mobile network at the same time

I have a verizon bb torch 9850.  In my office at work, I don't have very good signal but we do have wifi.  So, facebook is slow if it's accessible at all and my battery drains quickly.  I was told by one customer service rep to turn on my wifi connection so that it will run off that and not my mobile network.  Another customer service rep told me this would drain my battery more quickly because the two connections are working against each other.  Does any combination of coneections affect sms or mms ??? Just wondering if anyone has any input on the subject ??? thanks for your help !!!!

Re: should I run wifi and my mobile network at the same time
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Just try it and see if the battery drains faster.  When you turn on WiFi, the BB will use the WiFi connection to reach the BB Internet Service.  The BB Internet Service will either show "mobile network" or "WiFI"

Look at your wireless connection status to confirm this:

Manage Connections Icon > Service Status menu item

Re: should I run wifi and my mobile network at the same time
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Yes,I do. When you leave a WiFi area you should turn it off to keep from draining battery, as well as Blue Tooth.

Re: should I run wifi and my mobile network at the same time
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I keep my wifi on all the time and don't find it to be a significant drain on battery life. Also, sms and mms run off the network connection so wifi being on or off wont affect that. I would be more concerned about the poor reception as a cause for the battery drain. Your Facebook and internet on your phone will work much faster with a good wifi connection. I also find the opposite is true where internet will work better over a good network connection than over a poor wifi connection. The problem with shutting off your network connection is that you won't receive phone calls or texts while its off. You will get the notifications for everything you missed once the network connection is restored. Maybe try the *228 thing at work and see if that improves reception. I don't believe the network and wifi connections compete with each other. However,  as long as wifi is on, it "looks" for wifi connections. This supposedly consumes some battery (I'm sure it does some), but i find it more convenient for me just to leave it on. There are also some settings changes that you can make that can have a substantial effect on battery life for your BlackBerry. You can find info on that in forums on the BlackBerry site and on and probably even on here.