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Second time posting on this same issue as there is minimal follow-up provided by the lackluster support. I had received a flyer to switch networks to Verizon and receice up to $450 for all my lines which are switching, which was 5. I chatted with an online sales rep, saved the conversation, and confirmed multiple times that I would be receiving $400 for all of the 5 lines. The person confirmed this multiple times as I did not qualify for the $450, since I was not in the top tier plan. I started the port that day and had to wait for the sim cards to arrive to switch networks. The experience after this has been dreadful. I received four rebates worth $300, which is a substantial, $800 difference. When I called to question it and finally got someone within the appropriate department, I was told well it doesn't matter because there was not a promotion like that going on, even though I had the flyer in hand. I was then told that sometimes the sales reps don't know and give incorrect information, and was told to just "ask more questions", as it was my fault I was lied to. At that point, I didn't have the saved transcript on hand to send. Once I did, I received a similar response, requesting more information, even though everything was in that chat transcript. I'm just confused as to why they won't compensate me for the difference, even if it was a mistake on their part. Either I was misled and lied to, or someone gave me incorrect information; neither of which I should be punished for. Anyone have positives outcomes as a result?

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I am having a similar problem and am so disappointed in Verizon. I switched to Verizon from Sprint back in October 2020. All of the stores in my area were closed due to covid, so the entire switch happened online with a customer service rep. It literally took all day - from mid-morning to midnight, to get everything switched over and taken care of. We ported 4 lines over from Sprint and got new devices from Verizon.

I was told many, many, MANY times by the customer service rep on the chat that I would get FOUR (4) $450 gift cards for switching all 4 lines over from Sprint. I verified multiple times to ensure that I was understanding correctly - each time I was told that that was correct. I was told that I would get the Visa gift cards in the mail in 6-8 weeks. I asked several times if there was anything I needed to do/fill out/submit/etc for this and the rep kept telling me "no, it's all taken care of, you don't have to do anything".

There has never been any mail or email correspondence regarding the cards, either initially or now. After giving it 3 months without seeing any gift cards from Verizon, I got on a chat with Customer Service to inquire about the status of the gift cards. I spent an afternoon on the chat, waiting on the rep to research, etc. I was told there was nothing in the account stating that I should have the offer, but that I should call the rebate center who could "definitely help".

The rep at the rebate center said there was nothing they could do, they didn't know anything about it, and that I would have to contact customer service - so, back to customer service I went. I keep getting the same run-around as everyone else...basically being told that it was my fault and/or that I needed to submit something within the 1st 30 days...EVEN THOUGH I WAS NEVER GIVEN ANYTHING TO SUBMIT AND EXPLICITLY TOLD THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT BY THE ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. 

After several hours of back and forth, all the rep was able to do was "submit a ticket and have it escalated". 

I have read through every single document and bill in my account and that has been sent to me, and there is no mention of needing to submit anything to the rebate center.

I am so, so, SOOO disappointed with and angry at Verizon. The promise of those gift cards was the tipping point for me in regards to making the switch. After seeing what everyone else has endured, I I'm left with a sinking feeling that Verizon is going to mess me over, too, and that, obviously, there's not going to be anything I can do about it.

It honestly seems like Verizon is doing their very best to take advantage of people during these "unprecedented times" of financial strain and hardship.

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aprilkester, I'm so sorry this has been your experience with us, and your gift cards. I would be just as frustrated, and concerned over not getting what I was promised. Especially since waiting so patiently since October. I totally agree, these are unprecedented times, and our finances are so important right now. 


Do you have the My Verizon Mobile app? Normally, if there is any rebate, or offer with your order, you will be notified in the app, if there is something you need to do. Did you receive anything there? 



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Very similar issue with rebate. 


However, the rebate is not the only issue we have had with Verizon. 

When we signed up at a Verizon store the rep told us a few things..... 

1) Our first bill would look about double that of a normal bill and even though we would need to pay that, dont worry your bill thereafter would have a ton of credits because the reason the first bill is so high is because we have not yet gone in and verified multiple discounts like the military, and credit for our trade in, as well as the EFT credit. 

2) Our monthly bill would be somewhere around $150 after taxes

3) Submit our rebate form 45 days after we switched. We would not have access to submit the rebate until Verizon could verify we were not going to be switching companies.

4) Signed up for our free year of disney +, hulu, ESPN


So here is what actually happened...

1) and 2)  After we paid our double first bill our regular bill thereafter came out to $170, Mind you I was expecting a normal bill of $150 AND the first regular bill was to have had a huge credit due to us paying for discounts that we applied for the day after we switched. * The rep said we probably wouldnt see those credits right away. 3rd regular bill came through at $170, so where is my huge credit? Called Verizon and the corporate rep indicated I am getting all the credits I am eligible for. Including the military, trade in credit, and EFT credit. He states the $170 actually does have a prorated credit on there for the month that I paid extra. My normal monthly bill is $190! WOWWW hold it right there, my monthly plan is suppose to be only $150, they went through the details and said nope, the plan I am on is normally $190. They couldn't help me any further besides drop coverages or package plans if I wanted. SOOOOOO NOT what I was told in the store! Now my monthly bill is actually $50 higher than what I was paying with Sprint!!


3) I wrote on my calendar the day after we switched what day to apply for the credit so I would not miss out on the $900 I qualified for. Well guess what I follow the instructions he gave me and it says its invalid. Called Verizon and they said, sorry you needed to submit it within the first 30 days you switched. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD!!! 


4) Disney + works great, however no one can seem to figure out how to get Hulu connected to my Verizon. Its, transfer here and there. No ONE can figure it out!!!



If I would have know all this was going to happen I would have never stepped foot into VERIZON. I MISS SPRINT SO BADLY RIGHT NOW!!!!!! 


Now I feel like I was scammed, Locked into a contract that I was not aware of all the details and VERIZON has just placed me on their sucker list. AS SOON AS I CAN GET OUT IM OUT!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT I WAS TOLD IS ACTUALLY WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED. 





Oh and by the way. Good luck trying to get anyone on the phone. I had chatted with reps which took forever with nothing resolved. I was told to schedule a call, which I did and it called me at the time indicated only for them to hang up on me and send me a text saying "SORRY WE MISSED YOUR CALL" garbage!!!!!!!! THE PHONE SYSTEM IS ALL COMPUTERIZED AND IF YOU HIT SOMETHING WRONG OR DONT TYPE IN YOUR CODE FAST ENOUGH THEY HANG UP ON YOU. ABSOLUTELY  WORST PHONE COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH AND AT MY AGE I HAVE PRETTY MUCH BEEN WITH THEM ALL AT SOME POINT OR ANOTHER.


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Hello there crystal815 and thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. It is very concerning to learn that you have had this experience with us soon after joining. We aim to provide you with all of the disclosures necessary when going over pricing and what to expect on your first couple of bills. It is upsetting to hear this was not the case and we appreciate your feedback. Can you share when exactly did you start service with us?-Candice

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Saye type of problen with no solution just frustration..NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

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It's been a nightmare being a Verizon customer. We were with T-Mobile for about a year and came back to Verizon because our coverage was terrible. We brought our own phones from T-Mobile so we were supposed to get $450 per line for three (3) lines.

Well, it took an act of God to get Verizon to finally make good on that and send us the eCardd. Amazing, I could use them to pay my Verizon bill (which is almost DOUBLE what we were paying for Unlimited Everything with T-Mobile). The promo was BYOD450UNL. 

an aside... BTW, if you're on an Unlimited Plan, you cannot get corporate discounts! Another SURPRISE. 

Before we continue, I'll point out that the promo code we used had this term "rule"...
We reserve the right to charge the amount of the Verizon e-Gift Card to your Verizon Wireless account if service is canceled within 6 months.

Fast forward to June 2021 (9 months after the rebates were issued...), and we leave Verizon for a total of 4 days to test Consumer Cellular (lovely customer service, terrible AT&T coverage, unfortunately). So, the very nice Verizon Sales rep was more than happy to "return your account to exactly how it was" yeah, well, we had to pay $220 for DARING to leave Verizon for even a few days AND, five days ago, I get a text from them that they are going to debit my checking account $1249.56 for the rebate cards! I spent HOURS on chat and phone calls Monday 8/9/2021 getting this straightened up. I was ASSURED that there was a zero balance on that old account  (because, instead of simply reinstating my old account, they created a new one...) and that there'd be no debits. 

8/11/2021 - they debit my checking account ANYWAY causing an overdraft (I wasn't expecting this), my checking account got locked out of Bill Pay, bill payments get canceled, and I get an NSF charge (which my credit union HAPPILY waived). 

8/12 - I didn't have time to deal with Verizon - I DO have a life. 

8/13 - I take a half day off to deal with this garbage. I spend hours explaining and RE-explaining the situation to several agents (of idiocy) and finally get a "manager" who confirms that the term was supposed to be 6 months, enters in an "Investigation Case", and tells me I should get the money refunded within 10 days. 8 minutes after she opens the case, Verizon's morons CLOSE IT and tell me, "we billed you correctly". No discussion, no asking me WHY I'm disputing the charge. 

SEVERAL MORE CALLS and CHATS later, and I'm rudely told, that promo required 12 months service (which is just a flat-out lie). The last representative to whom I spoke told me, "If I were you, I'd contact your bank and have them reverse the debit as an unauthorized transaction". Which is EXACTLY what I did. I cannot tell you how much I HATE dealing with Verizon. Overpriced. Horrible Customer Service. Terrible everything. If they weren't the ONLY carrier that covered the island where I live, I'd drop them like a hot potato. 


VERIZON REPS - if you are LISTENING or MONITORING, say something.


Exact text of the BYOD450UNL offer from August/September 2020:

Get $450 Gift Card and a Free Verizon Stream TV

Port-in your number from any wireless carrier
Activate your own 4G / 5G eligible smartphone online at
Select the Get Unlimited plan

How to Redeem:

$450 Gift Card: Instructions will appear on your email confirmation - submit within 30 days of activation Stream TV: You’ll receive a text message with a unique promo code within 7-10 days of activation. Add Verizon Stream TV to your cart and use your unique promo code at checkout to get this device free. Online only. Receive a $450 Verizon e-Gift Card when you port-in your number from any wireless carrier and activate with your own 4G or 5G eligible smartphone on a Get More unlimited postpaid plan between 9.1.20 and 9.30.20. Visit to redeem your offer using promo code BYOD450UNL. Customer must submit for redemption within 30 days of activation, and device must remain activated for 45 consecutive days. May not be combined with other promotional offers. We reserve the right to charge the amount of the Verizon e-Gift Card to your Verizon Wireless account if service is canceled within 6 months. Your $450 Verizon e-Gift Card will be sent via email within 8 weeks after receipt of claim to the submitted email address. This gift card can be used to buy merchandise & services at stores/kiosks operated by Verizon or at Gift cards cannot be used at Verizon Authorized Retailer locations. Gift cards can be used to pay a Verizon Wireless or Fios bill by visiting or using the My Verizon app (wireless bills only) or My Fios app. Do not mail printed copy of digital gift card with your bill. For card balance call 1.800.876.4141 or dial #GIFT (#4438) from your wireless device. Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be returned for a cash refund, except in those states as required by law. Use of gift card constitutes acceptance of all terms & conditions. Treat this card like cash, Verizon is not responsible for gift cards that have been lost, stolen, or damaged. Gift cards do not expire and are not subject to dormancy or other fees. Gift cards may not be used for resale, advertising, marketing, sweepstakes or other promotional purposes without consent. Free Verizon Stream TV: redemption barcode req'd and must be redeemed by 9.22.20 at or a Verizon retail store; Limit 1 Verizon Stream TV per transaction.