Verizon rebates are scam to get people to switch - Need to start class action
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Transferred 5 lines during Black Friday sale to Verizon and promotion was no activation fee and $250 MasterCard rebate online for each line - total of $1250.  I have already been denied rebate first time because "unknown reason" contacted Verizon via chat and said they fixed issue and then 30 days later denied as duplicate. Chatted again and told will review in another 30 days.  As far as free activation - they charged me $40/line activation fee even though promotion was no activation fee. Chatted online 3 times until I threatened to switch back to T- mobile and amazingly they issued me the credit for the $200 while on the line.  I am not hopefully about rebates.  I have everything documented perfectly. Verizon is clearly a scam and hoping people just forget and don't follow-up.  Seems like recurring issue in this community and I will be filing complaint with NYS attorney general for fraud and false advertising and send them link to this website which I am sure they will love to see. Also will contact an attorney because it is probably a great class action lawsuit.  They just deny rebates for no reason.  Total joke.  I will also be selling all my stock in Verizon and switching back to T-mobile.

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Re: Verizon rebates are scam to get people to switch - Need to start class action
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You don't get credits for doing nothing. Those require you to submit proof of purchase / enter a promo code at a specific link that should be provided from the rep working with you. 

By joining Verizon, you also gave up any rights for a lawsuit. It's in the TOS no one reads.