4510L 3G speed abysmal frequently

ping times to averaging over 1000ms frequently. This morning the verizon wireless page hadn't loaded after 5 minutes even with a 3 bar signal. Have done all 3 levels of resets. Upgraded to 2.28.02 this am and speed is ok now, but I'm convinced it is only a matter of time before this problem comes back. I'm extremely unhappy with the performance level of this device.

Re: 4510L 3G speed abysmal frequently
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Try running a more generic test for us to compare against.  I'd suggest going out to http://speedtest.net and taking your average of 3-5 tests.  Report your ping, download and upload results so we can have a good apples to apples comparison.

Generally speaking 1000ms pings are pretty bad, even for 3G.  Resets and firmwareupdates do normally resolve performance problems unless there is a larger problem.  The next step would be to conduct a site survey and compare your results with other locations.  We should be able to tell from a Site Survey if your device or the local towers are responsible for your speeds.

Site Survey:


Post any site survey results if you like.  We should be able to get a better picture of your enviornment with more data.