4510L is a disgrace

I recently upgraded my device from the great MiFi 2200 and have nothing but regrets. The 3G that the device provides has been consistently sub-par to my previous speeds and the connection is nothing short of a joke, even after the so called "fixes" provided to my by technical support the device is still heaping pile of unreliable crap.


My download speeds vary from .2mb-.6mb, often remaining fairly steady at .4mb with 3-4!!!! bars of service, whereas previously with 2200 I would maintain over 1mb. It is just a shame that Verizon seems to be headed down the path of quantity over quality, between the recent data changes and the "hidden" network throttling it's getting almost to the point where it's embarrassing to have verizon as your internet provider.


Now I know a service/tech rep is going to copy/paste the standard troubleshooting message, so for that I'd like you to be aware of the fact that I have had this device replaced twice along with numerous calls to support with them insisting each time that these obvious and mostly useless steps will "fix" the problem.

Re: 4510L is a disgrace
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Are you just trying to vent some steam or do you actually want help and suggestions to improve the performance of your device?


Its hard to tell by the tone of your original post if you are looking for help or not.  If you would like some assistance then share with us some of the steps which have already been tried so we can avoid going over them again.  Most speed/performance problems with this device are resolved by the basic troubleshooting steps