4G LTE Network Extender 2 stuck at step 11b since 12/5/2018
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We have three Verizon Network Extenders in separate cities on separate networks in Apache County Arizona.  These network extenders worked previously and all of them have been offline since 12/5/2018.  Our 4G LTE Network Extender 2 devices show that the connection stops at step 11b. 

The device status page shows:

Current Operational Status: Connecting to Serving Management Server


ServerStatusDate & TimeIP Address & Port
DNSReachable12-18-2018 13:10:43 UTCIP Port 53
IPSecReachable12-18-2018 13:12:06 UTCIP Port 500
Location AssistanceReachable12-18-2018 14:10:44 UTCIP Port 80

After many calls to Verizon and a couple NRB tickets, the story is that Verizon is not licensed to operate network extenders in our county.

Our county is not listed on this list of prohibited counties found at FAQ-3 on  which states:

The 4G LTE Network Extender works in all 50 states, except for these counties * where its services aren't support. It doesn't work outside of the US.

Our account representative is working to get a current copy of that list and find out how we landed on it.

I am posting here in order to help anyone else who may be having the same issue.

I would also like to know how counties get on the exception list and what it takes for them to get off the list.

Re: 4G LTE Network Extender 2 stuck at step 11b since 12/5/2018
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Very interesting, I have not heard of the prohibited county list before.

I'd imagine it has something to do with government contracts, spectrum regulation or other interference issues in those areas.

This is an issue you will have to work out with Verizon.  Keep digging.  If you find anything be sure to post back and let us know.