890l sleep

I recently purchased the 890l and was suprissed to find that it goes dormant and I have to go to it to "wake it" as it is not that close the computer in the house for best service which is kind of finicky where I live.  Is there a setting to change so that I can do it from my device and do all of the jetpacks do the same thing?

Re: 890l sleep
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Other Jetpack models like the MiFis have a feature that powers down the device after XX minutes of no activity.  That feature can be configured and disabled from the MiFi Admin webpage when necessary.  My research in the 890L User Guide give me the impression that the 890L does not have that option. 

On that note, these Jetpacks are not very relyable as an always on internet connection.  It is normally advised to power on the device, use it and then power it down when you are done.  This keeps the connection fresh and gives you the best chance at a plesant browsing session when you need it.  Any attempts to leave the device powered on for prolonged periods of time will eventually result with disconnections and performance problems.