AC30 FiveSpot Connection Issues

Hello all, I have a Verizon ZTE FiveSpot AC30 that doesn't like to stay connected to 3G. If you leave the house for a while and come back, the 3G indicator will not be on and you cannot access the internet unless you restart the device or use the online configuration webpage. Which both are very annoying. Every now and then I plug in into my PC to check for updates with VZaccess Manager. We have almost owned it for 20 months so I'm going to upgrade it anyways, but is there something I can do in the meantime? (P.S. I am in a VERY strong 3G zone in the U.S.) Thanks

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Sounds like you're doing a great job making sure your Fivespot is up to date kkreykes. Since all it seems to take ios a device reboot to reconnect to the strong 3G network, that definitely leads me to believe it's something with the device rather than the network causing the trouble. With all the updates and connections to the configuration page, have you ever tried resetting the device to the original factory settings. Continuously press the Power Key 10 times within 15 seconds to set Wi-Fi related settings to their factory default values, then the device will restart automatically. And each pressing must hold about 1/3 second, otherwise, the pressing will be invalid.

If you've changed your WiFi SSID or password from the default printed on the device, this will reset that back to the defaults. It will also help to purge any corruptions that may be giving you software trouble.

Keep me posted if you need additional assistance.


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