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Anyone have this Problem with MiFi 4510L?

All of the sudden the unit froze (was not plugged in and was connected to my laptop), I have a battery icon on the display (no bars) the green LED is on and not blinking.

Unit is not discoverable as a wifi device

Removing battery shuts off green led but battery icon stays on display even when battery AND sim card removed. When reassembled, battery icon is on display LED is black. Push power button, green led comes on, display screen refreshes but battery icon still there.

Pushing master reset does nothing at all no matter how long I hold it.

Charging does not help at all.

Sounds like a defect but wondered if anyone heard of this or has a fix? Unit was purchased 4 days ago, I can take it back which I will do, but this is such as strange issue I just wondered if it could be fixed and if this is a common issue with these devices, I may just opt for my money back.

Thanks in advance...

Re: Anyone have this Problem with MiFi 4510L?

The MiFi 4510L uses an E-Ink display.  That means that the display will freeze whenever the battery is pulled and remain frozen until it is rebooted.  E-Ink does not need power to display an image. 

However, everything else in your post sounds like a defective MiFi.  Take it back for a replacement or your money back.  A store rep should be able to easily reproduce the problem and get you to the best resolution.  MiFi's come with 14 day trial period's so you should have no difficulty backing out of the contract if thats what you decide to do.