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Anyone out there ever use a Telnet connection with the MIFI.... sigh

Hello everyone,


    This is my situation. I work from home for a decent size company that requires me to enter utility readings daily into a HP terminal emulator program. The program is QCTerm. What this program does is lets me connect to my works computer through my computer at home with a telnet based connection over the internet. I use an Vista based PC. 

   The problem started when I switched from the USB 3G internet card from Verizon, which when connected to the internet let me no problem open my QCTerm program, establish a telnet connection with my work and enter my utility readings everyday. We had got tired of unplugging the card everytime and moving it from laptop to desktop, etc to use internet throughout house and we decided to upgrade to the MIFI2200 so we could have wireless 3g internet in the house. Upon using the MIFI in WIFI mode, I found I was unable to make a connection with my work. The QCTerm program says "Connection Timed Out" . Now, if I connect the MIFI in WWAN connection with the USB cable, it will connect right up to the work computer. Asking my work IT guy he said the telnet connection requires NO security measures at all. He said if I have an internet connection it should connect right up. Even if I was using a wifi or hotspot connection.

   So what I need help with is why the MIFI wont let a telnet connection go through to my work in WIFI mode and working internet connection. It kind of defeats the purpose of having wifi capable card if I have to plug it in every day and connect wwan then disconnect and connect to wifi mode again. It is a real pain. Does anyone have any ideas on this problem. What settings can I change, etc. 

   I currently have the MIFI in OPEN mode, no security to connect to it. It didn't help. I contacted Verizon several times with no help. They say its not there problem because the internet works. Please help me, I am ready to get rid of the MIFI2200...


   Thanks for your time,

      Chad W.

Re: Anyone out there ever use a Telnet connection with the MIFI.... sigh

Well I just got off the phone with a very nice Verizon wireless customer support rep. She was finally able to tell me that the VPN connection I am trying to make is being blocked by Verizon. She said it is creating IP conflicts like for example it is trying to connect to two IP addresses at once which isn't allowed. Has anyone ran into this. It isn't like I am trying to download pirate stuff. I am trying to connect to a telnet connection to my work that isn't anything more than data entry. I really wish I had a way around this...

Re: Anyone out there ever use a Telnet connection with the MIFI.... sigh

We had a similar problem with my wifes laptop.  She had to have the MIFI plugged into her system to access the internet (She uses IE and Outlook express) as I could never get the IE to work over the wireless connection.  I use Firefox and Thunderbird and never had a problem.


 However because she had to be plugged in, that meant we could not share the MIFI connection if her system was powered on, and I was kicked off whenever she turned her system on.  VZ Help desk was no help.  However, we had to have the MIFI 2200 card replaced due to other issues (original card went Ka-putt) and low and behold, the NEW unit will now allow both of us to share the wireless connection and she does not have to be directly connected.


I still have problems with several software packages that cannot use the MI-FI connection ie: My security software, PANDA IS -(don't buy - no support), 'Netbeans', and 'Wincvs' to name 3 that I know of.  I have to use a land line dialup whenever I want the information updated.  Netbeans indicates it is having problems with a proxy access (there is non, and non configured)


Me thinks the units are a bit flacky?