BEWARE of Home Fusion (it's scarier than Halloween...)

I know, I know, this has been posted a million times already. I should have read the forums and reviews before I jumped into bed with Verizon's Home Fusion, now I'm left with only my regrets, but here's my story anyway to throw on the pile. Maybe it will save someone else.....

I signed away my soul to Home Fusion in mid-September through a two-year contract with Verizon. At the end of my trial period where I could still return the equipment and get out of the contract, I received a 50% usage alert. I thought that was awfully quick, we used to be able to get by under 1gig, but ok, this is faster I figured. I just need to watch the data and compare to justify Verizon's reporting. Sounds easy enough, right?

Wrong! It snowballs from there. How do I justify my usage? I can track it on my devices, sure, but what happens when it doesn't match Verizon's? Well, Verizon is always right. Whatever Verizon tracks as the highest usage is correct. I will detail and reiterate that again later, so we can leave that one as an irritated customer venting until we get through some more details. Just stick with me, it gets scarier.

Back to justifying my data usage. I found it! Detailed breakdowns of data usage! And I can export it to excel to total and summarize! Verizon, you're the best!!

But wait..... These details are double what's reporting through My Verizon..... This is strange. I thought 15GB's was a lot for my familiy, but 30 is impossible. Something must be wrong with this. Well, Verizon is a reputable company with reputable support right? They'll help me justify this, right? Oh no, it's getting scary......

So I call customer support after trying to reconcile my devices' reported usage to Verizon's detailed usage (waaaayy off, by the far off it is scary, horrifying even). Customer support, to their credit, is friendly and helpful, in my experience. They truly are the outwardly gentlemen Dr. Jeckyll to disguise the Mr. Hyde they represent. The customer support agent verified what I saw on My Verizon (around 15 gigs used) and she verified a secret chamber that only they have access to, I cannot see what's in it, but she said it was really, really, super, incredibly accurate and what they bill from and.....wait for matched My Verizon!!!! Horror story over!!!

But then, I didn't look behind me. I didn't hear the warnings. I was the next victim of the Verizon Beast. I told them about the detailed usage and how it registered nearly double. Uh oh. Come to find out, that one is the most accurate now!!!!! But, they will look into it and let me know.

They never let me know. I thought maybe Verizon support had vanished. But then, I found out. Wanna know how? My bill. They billed me for the 30 or so gigs despite showing 15 through My Verizon and in their secret chamber and only being alerted based on the 15GB usage.

Well, since Verizon Support had vanished and left only an exuberant bill behind, I figured I would find them! Rescue them! Help them! There was a mistake and they were going to address it last time so if I can track them down, they'll help this time, right?

Not really. They did remove the overage charges, but stuck to the ridiculous unmatched data. So, let's justify this month, shall we? Oh wait, my detailed usage has vanished!!! I can't see the doubled overage anymore!! All I have is My Verizon and what customer support tells me!!! I'm probably at least double through detailed usage and can't even see it!! This is really scary!!! Well, either that or the no data usage since my last bill that the detail shows is still more accurate and we've used nothing which I admit isn't true, just Verizon's double reporting/standard......

So, if Verizon support doesn't vanish again and I have to save everyone by tracking them down again, they should let me know the resolution. I hope it does not come in the form of my monthly bill again, though. I'll update this thread when we get there.

For now, I have to try to sleep at night with Verizon's green-eyed phantom cantenna and ghost data around my home. Well, or I can pay them $340 to turn the service off and eliminate the ghost data, and I get to keep the phantom cantenna to decorate with again next Halloween. Ah Verizon, you're not all bad. I love paying $340 dollars for useless attachments to my home!

I have the chat conversation with the second rep I will try to attach (I would have put it on here, but Verizon's 50MB limit was probably blown through in the first sentence with the way they track data). I'll try to post that in a comment. It has its ups and downs.

The point of this is don't buy Home Fusion. Verizon can't/won't/doesn't have to justify the charges. They are what they are and they are whatever comes across the highest. I'm very disappointed in this "service" and hope I made that clear for people considering it.

Re: BEWARE of Home Fusion (it's scarier than Halloween...)
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Lesson to all that would consider it....

Tiered Bandwidth is BAD.

We live in a digital age. We can instantly stream HD video from youtube, netflix, music from slacker radio, facebook ect.

all of these things consume massive amounts of bandwidth and Verizon is taking advantage of their customers.

They're price points / data limits are absolutely ridiculous. Don't EVER buy a home internet package that would limit

you to how much bandwidth you're allowed to use each month.