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I have had my broadband service suspended for about 6 months while I was not traveling.  I reactivated it near the end of July and 6 days I had ran well over my 5.2 gb.  Has Verizon changed something in their system that has changed the way they count the Bytes?   I had used this broadband service for over 3 years and never had a usage penalty.  And  most of the time I left the computer connected through the broadband service all day and all night  I never even looked at how much I used, because it wasn't a factor.  They either changed something or I really had a sweet deal before??

Re: Broadband usage
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How much is 5GB of data usage per month?

Approximate File Size*  How many can be sent/received


Email 3KB 1,700,000

Photo (low res)500KB 

10,000Music 3MB 1,667

Movie700MB 7

*File size is estimated and will vary widely. These are just example sizes.


There is bandwidth which is not only download/upload.  Which means if you leave connected and open not much is used due to the non activity on the page.  If you do the same with there is usage since video streaming and pictures change, etc.


Also, when you roam to other carriers towers when traveling, etc. such as Sprint, the usage can be delayed and then when they receive the info. from other carriers.....there you are.